It was July 2nd, 2015. I decided to spend the day lounging at the private beach on Fisher Island. Fisher Island is a small island off the tip of Miami Beach. Upon arrival to the island you’re greeted by beautiful tall palm trees and million dollar properties, but as you continue to drive down the island you’ll stumble upon something much more awe inspiring: beautiful beaches with endless oceans.

This was the usual to me. The beaches on Miami Beach were nothing but spectacular. But this time, something magical took over. I didn’t expect this particularly familiar setting to vividly make me feel and appreciate the ineffable beauties that the world keeps on selflessly giving.

I walked down to the sand and began to lounge under a tiki hut with my eyes lightly shut. I could feel the hot sun beaming down on me and I could feel the wind brushing lightly against my skin. I could feel the tiny hairs on my arms as they bristled. Everything felt so intense yet so gentle. I felt a deep love for the world around me radiate through my skin. I opened my eyes to see the endless horizon of different shades of blue. The waves were crashing into each other and throwing themselves towards the shore repeatedly, despite the countless times they were being sent right back. It was as if they were begging to be accepted. A rosy pink tint filled the sky, as if it wanted to become one with the baby blue infinity. It was apparent to me that all they wanted was to coexist.

My gaze shifted to the wooden tiki hut above me. I could see the twists and turns in the wood. Their differences were of no concern as they were intertwined in perfect harmony. The colors began to make sense. They complimented each other and together were able to create this beautiful haven, one that I could peacefully lay under. The thin tiki branches were brushing against one another, making a light rustling noise. There was so much movement and so much noise.

I heard the birds chirping. Their song was getting louder and louder, and it felt as if there were a flock of tiny birds singing lovely songs to me. My heart was singing along and I felt nothing but an urge to feel everything around me. I stood up.

I started walking towards the shore, but the slower I walked, the more I realized how powerful a flaming star millions of miles away could really be. These tiny little grains under my feet felt like little needles insisting that I quit stepping on them - not that I wanted to step on little needles, anyway. Thus, walking turned into sprinting, and I fearlessly attacked the wind until I reached the shore. The begging ocean now understood that no matter how much the shore pushed the ocean away, there was still someone who needed to feel its tides. The warm but chilled water slowly engulfed my body as I walked deeper and deeper towards the horizon.

Everything felt different. I felt the ocean embrace me, announcing its presence. As I looked up at the sun, I saw the deep blue sky welcome the rosy pink tint as they finally learned to coexist with each other. I could see all of the sun’s rays lightly beaming down on the ocean water. I followed the rays down to the sea, and I could see the light rays glistening wherever the waves lapped into each other. The sun was shedding its light on the beautiful silver lining that had been blinded because of the waves unnecessary attacks against each other.

I let myself become one with the water surrounding my being. The sea was compromising its space with me and as we understood one another, the sea opened up to me. I was shown the mysteries of the deep sea. A pale face with glistening blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair, that was slicked back and down her back, greeted me. My eyes were opened to the depths of a hidden reality. I began to believe in the unbelievable, but it was time to return to my reality.

On my way back to the shore, the world showed me something deep within myself. As I looked down at the salt water, I saw a demon trying to make it to the surface. Surely, in hopes that I could bring it to life. It rapidly came out of the shadows of the lapping waves. I was too content to let it attach itself to me or scare me. Its initial presence had made me gasp, but as I was utterly content, I simply giggled and the aggressively lapping waves began to balance and flow back to its unified motion. It returned to its original state. The waves guided themselves towards the shoreline as they usually did, and slowly released themselves back as they were not wanted. It began to understand and accept its place.

It was unlike any other sight. I had floated over the sea a countless amount of times, but this time I felt that I understood the earth, and even the world around us. There was more than what the eye could see. There was pain, passion, excitement, love, anger, dismay; there was emotion. Everything just wanted to feel loved, appreciated, and accepted. And where that lacked, there was nothing but pain, anger, and dismay. Everywhere I looked I saw the world working together to create a harmony, one similar to what people everywhere hope to achieve at the core of their being.


Valeria Sarto