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Capturing life’s fleeting moments.

Valeria Sarto was born and raised in the oh, so sunny Miami Beach. For her continuing education she traveled to the cold city of Boston to study at Emerson College. Studying Communications with minors in Art History and Photography, she aspires to work in visual communication for fashion. Inspired by the world around her, she studied abroad in Paris at the American University of Paris.

Her manta: To each their own. “This speaks multitude. What I’ve learned - from my own life experiences with family, friends, foes; from traveling and learning about different cultures; and further from studying art - is that each and every one of us has been brought up with different backgrounds, experiences, values and morals. With this, each of us respond to scenarios by reflecting our own experiences and how it has affected us.”

She views art as it reflects the history of a culture, a person, and how that individual perceives life. With her own art, she hopes to express her own perception of life. “I’ve chosen appreciation. Appreciating the little things in life is where happiness evolves for me. I like to capture those little life moments where I am amazed at the beauty in creativity and individuality.